Heating & A/C Control

We believe modern heating and cooling solutions should reduce costs, conserve energy and improve comfort. 

BomaShield’s smart heating and A/C solutions allow customers to control their homes or businesses any time, and anywhere.  Control your homes temperature remotely using a smartphone, or computer.  Set your system to automatically adjust when you leave and adjust before you return.

Our Heating and A/C Control Include: 

Alarm.com Thermostat


    • We will show you how to set your system so your ideal temperature is set before you are back at home or at your office.
    • Use our auto alerts to let you know if you, someone in your household, or someone who works at your business, forgets to arm the alarm system.

Remote Access:

    • Control your system while you are at home or anywhere on the planet with an internet connection, via our smart apps.

Total Integration:

    • We work with quality local HVAC companies to make sure your equipment is running properly.
    • Our systems integrate with the following brands of HVAC equipment:  Honeywell,  Trane, Ecobee, Alarm.com thermostats and more.
    • We can integrate your heating and A/C system work with your home security system, entertainment system, and lighting.
    • We can help you use your system to make changes based on extreme temperature changes to attain energy savings.
    • Our systems enable security system triggered events.

Many of our customers find they do see an energy savings from using a modern smart heating and a/c system.  They also find that the ability to control their system remotely makes the switch worth it by itself.  If you are using an older style of thermostat that isn’t controllable remotely – give us a call to see what your options are.

We work with quality HVAC companies in the Portland area for installation and service of our smart thermostats.  While our partners are installing your thermostat, they will also check to see if your equipment is in need of service.

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