Smart Lighting Systems

We make it simple to automate your entire lighting system via one central platform.  No more app clutter (also known as having too many automation apps on your phone).  Adjust your lights from anywhere with one single smart app powered by

Use straightforward light bulbs, smart switches or hardwired outlets to control your smart lighting.

Here are some of the benefits of using our smart lighting systems: 


Set the mood in your home.  Make an impression with clients in your boardroom.  Illuminate your property to discourage prowlers.  Automated lighting systems can add harmony, ambiance, convenience and security to your home or business.

Amplify Security:

Create an impression your home or business is occupied, even when you are away

Set lights to turn on and off at random times, for a nuanced approach that gives more control than mechanical light timers

Take advantage of motion sensors to turn on front porch lights to reduce hazards

Improved Efficiency:

Save energy and money each month with pre-programmed settings for night, day and weekends

Use motion sensors to turn off lights when no one is present

Automated dimmers allow you to reduce light levels to suit your mood, and save money on energy costs


Adjust lighting throughout your home or business without moving a muscle

Enjoy the convenience of turning on/off lighting with a simple voice command or single touch

Set your front lights to turn on whenever you open your front door after dark, then turn off after 15 minutes

Control Your Environment:

With automated lighting systems your home or business will respond to you and your needs – automatically

Program lighting to turn on and off at pre set times, and adjust light levels depending on time of day or level of outside lighting

Set lighting to welcome you home from work – especially in the dark days of December in Oregon!

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