The BomaShield Mission

We created BomaShield because we believe residences and businesses deserve better equipment, software and most importantly – customer service, than what giant tech companies and corporations can provide.  We have seen how customers want great technology and quality customer service.

We think it’s unfortunate that so many of the brands in the security industry are owned by tech companies that have little regard for their customer’s security and privacy or understanding of the value of local customer service.

Our alternative is to help business owners and managers and residences use technology to be safer AND more informed about what’s happening in their businesses and homes.

We strive for implicit trust amongst our employees, vendors, partners and customers.

Our Vision:

Help people rest easy knowing their homes and businesses are safe, secure and efficient.

Our Values:

Integrity.  In the event, that what we provide isn’t a fit – we’ll tell you.

Purposeful.  Efficient, reliable security and home automation systems aren’t created by accident. We are committed to purposefully choosing our equipment, software, & contractors.

Humility.  Perfection is unrealistic, which is why we’re dedicated to fixing problems if they come up.

Connected Home Automation Systems
For our company, there is no greater calling than helping our community members in Portland feel safe in their homes and businesses.  We aim to protect harmony using the latest and greatest security and home automation technology, to improve the security and efficiency of our customers homes and businesses.

Our Services

  • Home Security
  • Business Security
  • Security Cameras
  • Access Control

Local Service

Call (503) 208-5760