How much does a business security system cost?

When business owners or managers call us, they first want to know:  How much does a business security system cost?

Although there is seldom a one size fits all answer, we’ll try to give general ballpark pricing guidelines.

Depending on your building’s square footage, location, business type, number of employees, past break-ins, and equipment options available, the price for complete security systems can vary quite a bit.

Just as in buying a new piece of equipment for your business, like a new truck, costs can vary.  A basic small pickup can be bought for $25k, but a 1-ton pickup can cost over $75k. Why do some people elect for the 1-ton pickup?  Because that’s what the job requires.  Most people understand the importance of buying the right tool for the job, so as not to have any regrets down the road.

These same ideas apply to small/medium business owners and managers, in need of a security system.

IQ4 Alarm Panel

You will interact with your security system every day.  Picking the right security solution is critical to ensuring your business is secure, efficient, and well managed.  Most business owners will select the best security system they feel will help them sleep at night.

Some people, focus on the basic price of equipment and the cheapest monitoring they can find, sacrificing easy-to-use software, quick notifications, quality monitoring, local service, and modern equipment.  The regret can be rough when businesses get locked into 5-year contracts with basic monitoring and technology from the 1990s.

Some businesses have extremely valuable assets, located in areas with higher crime rates, need new equipment for new construction, or need a total overhaul of their older equipment, all of which can impact what security solution they need.

Some of the common features found in security systems:

  • Door/window sensors
  • Outdoor door/gate sensors
  • Recessed door sensors
  • Auxiliary input sensors
  • Keyfobs
  • Shock sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • PIR motions
  • Dual tech motions
  • Curtain motions
  • Ceiling motion PIR motions
  • Wireless repeaters
  • Wireless sirens (indoor and outdoor)
  • Hardwired and wireless cameras
  • Cameras with flash drive storage and local recorders
  • Access control systems for locking/unlocking doors

As you can see, there are many equipment options available.  When a business receives a quote from our company, we thoroughly evaluate their security situation and seek to educate our customers on the options available to them.

How much does a business security system cost?

Security systems costs can be flexible based on business owner/manager comfort level.  A modern security system costs more than the old-fashioned alarm systems with rubber button keypads and systems where the only notification you receive if something is wrong, is a phone call that you may not answer. Any new system today should come with features that go beyond well beyond “security”.  They should help you be able to run your business more effectively.

A modern security system, like the systems we sell, gives users instant notifications from mobile apps AND phone calls, the ability to grant or remove user codes on the fly and have the system arm on schedules automatically.  The single biggest advantage of a new business system is the ability to have a system that integrates with video and access control.  Video verification also allows security companies to disregard false alarms, and confirm break-ins in real-time, reducing false alarm fines from municipalities while increasing response to valid emergencies.

Equipment (including installation):

– Intrusion / burglar alarm system. The average price for a professional small/medium business intrusion alarm system is $2,000-$7,000, assuming a building with less than 10k sqft.  Occasionally we can take over existing sensors, which can reduce cost.  Very small office or retail store security systems with a panel, door sensors, motion detectors and 2 WiFi cameras can cost less than $1,500.

– The average cost of a professionally installed commercial-grade hardwired 4-camera system is $2,500-$6,000 depending on wire placement needs and labor.

– Access control systems cost between $2,500-and $5,000 per door, depending on if existing hardware is in place or if the wire will need to be run over long distances.

***Prices listed are based on Oregon labor rates.  Other markets may be less or more expensive.***


Professional monitoring for software/app access will typically start at $40/month and may increase with additional equipment including cameras and access control.

Are there startup fees?

Some companies charge initial startup/training fees when a customer creates a new account.  We do not charge setup fees.


Many security companies require 3-5 year agreements from their customers.  The reason, is many security companies install new systems at a significant loss or break-even, but then hope to make up their margin on monitoring.  We offer 3 year, 1 year and month-to-month agreements.

How installation affects the cost:

When someone calls us regarding getting a quote for a security system, we prefer to schedule an appointment to see their building/site in person.  As you can imagine, the price ranges for business security systems vary quite a bit.  We have cannabis industry customers that have state-mandated security requirements.  Some customers have extremely large warehouses with valuable inventory in higher crime areas.  Every business has different goals, budgets, and security concerns.  We suggest finding a security company that makes it a priority to not oversell you on the equipment you likely don’t need.  Sometimes we’re able to take over existing equipment, reducing costs, while drastically improving our customers’ user experience with a new panel and software/mobile apps/monitoring.

What can make a business security system cost more…or less?

There are a variety of elements that can impact pricing.  In new construction, it can be extremely cost-effective to install systems while walls are open and before drywall is installed.  Replacing existing outdated systems using a combination of a new panel and using existing sensors can also be cost-effective.  We also find installing new wireless sensors can help improve security protection, while minimizing the cost for running wire throughout existing structures.  Wireless technology has improved drastically in the last few years which allows us to achieve a battery life of 5-10 years, depending on the type of sensor used.

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