Home Builder Program

For home builders, BomaShield offers a single platform for introducing smart home solutions to drive new home sales, integrating a variety of security and smart home equipment. Beyond sales, BomaShield helps builders secure their properties under construction and increase protection from burglaries and fire.

For home buyers today, they consider smart home features more than just a “nice to have” – they expect it. The challenge for home builders can be finding a partner who is capable of providing white glove service, after their homes are sold. BomaShield fills that gap for home builders. Let us be your smart home experts.

Our software from Alarm.com, secures and automates more than 5.5 million properties globally.

BomaShield Home Builders

Custom Solutions

Builders can choose from a wide variety of security and smart home equipment including brands for smart thermostats, locks, doorbell cameras, and integrations with the leading voice assistants (Alexa/Google Home/Siri).  BomaShield can also customize installs based on your production timeline, ensuring your properties are protected as soon as possible.

Property Management Solution

Using our mobile apps, builders can manage their inventory of both spec and model homes. Our enterprise dashboard enables builders to quickly and securely provide unattended access for showings, without real estate agents even needing to be physically present. The dashboard also lets maintenance staff and vendors quickly gain access on an as needed basis, with their own user codes.

Smart Home Pros

Minimize the hassle of knowing the latest trends in smart home technology. BomaShield allows builder to minimize carrying costs and complexities of adding new hardware components to construction, or supporting customers after move-in. We act as our builder’s trusted experts to help their customers use their home automation systems most efficiently.

Best in Class Security

BomaShield’s security systems provide commercial-grade security new home buyers expect.  We use sensors with 8+ year battery life, with military grade encryption.  All integrated with the best in class smart home security panel, the IQ2+ from Qolsys.

If you are a recent home-buyer with one of our home builder partners, give us a call today to learn more or activate your system.

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