Wellness Solutions for Seniors and Families

BomaShield is proud to offer a wellness program that both helps support independent living, and helps loved ones know their family members are safe. Fully integrated with our security solutions, our discrete sensors can be placed throughout a home, to detect unusual movement patterns.

Would you like to know if your elderly family member hasn’t gotten out of bed today? If they haven’t left the kitchen in several hours? Or if their thermostat is set too low or too high? Our wellness solutions can help answer these questions.

Our wellness solutions include:

  • Mobile apps available to both seniors and their families to see real-time happenings from cameras and sensors
  • Personal pendants to send alerts
  • Fall pendants to detect a fall automatically or with a button press
  • Wellcam from Alarm.com with 2-way voice so you can speak with family members
  • Built in panel camera for caregivers to check in
  • Motion sensors to detect movement
  • Sensors to detect if medicine cabinets are opened
  • Bed sensors to detect if someone hasn’t gotten out of bed
  • Chair sensors to detect if someone has been sitting too long
  • Solutions can be monitored by either our monitoring center or family monitored
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Voice control to turn on lights automatically
  • Smart thermostats to help improve energy efficiency

We love helping our customers and their families feel safer.  Give us a call to get a free in-home wellness estimate.

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