We use the latest technology from industry leaders including, 2GIG, Sonos and more.  Our technology provides safeguards by learning activity patterns.  Once patterns are identified, your system spots unusual activity and notifies you when something seems out of the ordinary.

With our technology:

Woman Using Smart Technology
  • Use geofences to integrate home automation features with your security system
  • Never second-guess if you remembered to arm your security system before leaving for work
  • Have your garage door close automatically if you’ve left home for more than 15 minutes and it’s still open
  • In the event of an alarm trigger have every light in and outside your home can turn on automatically
  • Have room lights turn on based on doors being opened
  • Get text message alerts when your kids get home from school
  • Receive alert messages on your smart phone in the event of a smoke alarm being triggered
  • After getting alerts use cameras to verify situations in real-time
  • Set your system to automatically turn off lights after 10 minutes of no activity detected by motion sensors.
  • Use your system to turn on your stereo and dim the lights at night with one verbal command (or….turn on a Netflix and Chill scene by voice)
  • Integrate your sprinkler system with your home automation system, to help conserve water
  • Use personal safety pendants to give family members peace of mind

We integrate solutions from technology leaders including Google, Amazon, Samsung, and Apple.  With modern tech, easily control your systems, via smart watches, and virtual smart assistants like Alexa and Siri.

As new technology becomes available, we test it first, then integrate it with our equipment and software.  Our goal is to ensure our customers always have the option of using the latest and greatest technology.  New software features will be pushed directly to our customer’s devices and mobile apps – ensuring your smart home keeps up with innovation.  Equipment like garage smart door openers, sprinkler systems and lighting can be added as your needs grow.

Give us a call today to see what our technology offers.