Our Why

We want to see people feel safe in their homes and businesses. We will provide the latest and greatest technology to make life safer and more efficient for our customers, without the hassle of long term contracts.

Our Goals

We will provide the best technology possible, to homeowners, renters, and business owners.
We will invest in providing quality local Portland customer service.
We will always strive to provide appropriate resources for our customers based on their individual needs.

Our Values:

We believe we’re using the best equipment and software on the market. In the event, what we provide isn’t a fit – we’ll tell you.
Efficient, reliable security and home automation systems don’t happen by accident. We are committed to purposefully choosing our equipment, software, & contractors.
Perfection is unrealistic, which is why we’re dedicated to fixing problems if they come up.
African Boma

What’s with the name?

The #1 question we get about our name is, why boma and what does it mean?  In short, a boma is a fence use to protect villages and livestock from predators.  Boma’s are traditionally made from materials including thorny acacia and other dense brush.  Boma’s are known to be nearly impenetrable from predators, including lions, cheetahs, African wild dogs etc. Boma’s are known to be 99% effective at keeping predators at bay.
A boma symbolizes harmony and protection from predators in a place where life means living with danger.  A boma also represents community.  We look at our systems as modern day bomas.
For our company, there is no greater calling than helping our community members in Portland feel safe in their homes and businesses.  We aim to protect harmony using the latest and greatest security and home automation technology, much the way Africans have for centuries.

Providing peace of mind and security.

Our Services

  • Home Security
  • Business Security
  • Home Automation
  • Sonos Wireless Speakers

Local Service

Call (503) 208-5760