Home Automation

To us, home automation is not a luxury, but rather a tool to make living in our hectic modern world a little easier.  We hope automating our customer’s homes gives them more time to spend with their loved ones.

Home Automation System

Integrating home automation features, with our security solutions, also allows the two technologies to complement each other. 

Our Home Automation Solutions Include: 

  • Smart lighting 
  • Smart locks
  • Thermostats 
  • Smart smoke alarms 
  • Sonos Wireless speakers 
  • Programmable smart scenes 
  • Intelligent self-learning software 
  • Arming and disarming can adjust the connected devices in the home
  • Event/schedule triggered automation
  • Integrated lights/shades
  • Integrations with most Z-Wave capable hardware 

Learn more about the benefits of using BomaShield’s home automation tech.

Intelligent Learning

Integrated home security goes well with smarter homes.  Via security system sensors and connected devices, your security system is able to understand your activity patterns and make intelligent decisions on your behalf.

Geofencing Technology

You will have the ability to set a virtual fence around your home, so your system will know when you’re coming and going.  Have your thermostat automatically adjust, turn on lights and music and unlock your front door or open your garage door when you get home, all without complicated computer programming.


Our software will proactively safeguard your family by learning your activity patterns, spotting unusual behaviors and activities and notify you when it happens.  Your system will look for situations like garage doors being left open, front doors left unlocked and more.

Smart Scenes

All with simple voice or simple touches, you will have the ability to enable multiple lights, stereos, and HVAC systems with our mobile app scenes.  Whether you are getting home from work, waking up in the morning, or impressing friends during dinner parties – our home automation scenes have you covered.

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